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Date to send: 3/3/2010 at 5:00 PM

State Budget Shortfall Affects Academy 

Program, Personnel Changes Coming Will Not Alter Core Mission

            All of the programs in place at The Academy are specifically to serve your students in the best possible way.  Be assured that we seek to provide your students a great education and we appreciate the trust you place in us.
            As you know, we are in the midst of a significant economic downturn, both in nationally and here in Colorado.  K-12 education is not immune from the detrimental effects of this situation.          
           All public schools in Colorado, including charters, receive funding from the state.  Our District, AD 12, is in the process of developing a plan to cut their budget by 10 % in the school year 2010-2011.  Here at The Academy, we are doing the same.  We are now at a point where a reduction of our spending must take place, as well.
            We are at a disadvantage to regular public schools in that we have a much smaller budget with fewer places we can reduce expenditures. 
            On the other hand, we are not bound by labor agreements that AD 12 and other Metro-area school districts are constrained by.  For this, we can be grateful as it provides charter schools generally and The Academy in particular with much greater flexibility to keep the “cuts away from the classroom.”              As parents, you will see some changes here at the school next year.  I pledge to you, however, that these changes will seek to minimize the negative impact on your students’ educations here.              In addition, we are exploring possible ways to increase revenues at The Academy.  For instance, with the lengthy waiting list of students and families wishing to enter the school, we are looking seriously at ways to expand our program, both in and out of the existing building.  One possibility is to open new classes at the elementary next year.  The other is our continuing pursuit of the construction of a new elementary school nearby to allow some of the many parents who wish to enter the school to do so.
            Finally, I want to assure you that no matter what changes are implemented at The Academy, serving your students will remain the focus and goal that matters most.  It is emphasized continually with our entire staff how the education of your students is the core foundation for every decision and action we take.  That has always been the case here at The Academy and it will remain so.      
            Please feel free to stop by or contact me with your thoughts and ideas (303-439-6110 or

John Kaufman
Executive Director

Here at The Academy

ImageSpringzetti Dessert Auction

April 24, 2010 

 Dear Academy Parents and Students,

Would you like to bake or donate your favorite dessert to be auctioned off after the Springzetti dinner? Donations and time used for baking all count towards your volunteer hours. The money raised will go to PTO to be used by classroom teachers who apply for support.
      If you are able to donate a dessert, please email Dawn Kane at by March 19th and let her know what you will bring.

Thank you very much for your participation with this fun social event.


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